Enviro Mop Kit

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Kit includes: 2 x djustable telescopic handle with fully rotating mop base & a set of 3 reusable mop pads.
The mop pads are:
* 'Grey' for general purpose
* 'White' for damp or dry use on timber or high gloss floors.
The pads securely attach to the mop base with velcro.

Replacement mop pads & handle/heads are also available.

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Stop buying expensive cleaning chemicals; pads can be reused
Streak-free cleaning & polishing, use mop wet or dry
Chemical free cleaning & no water is wasted
Great for allergy sufferers, removes harmful bacteria


  • Use the Enviro-mop to pick up dust, pet hairs, dust balls, small crumbs, micro particles. Once you are done dusting, just shake off the mop pad to remove dust and particles from the Enviro-mop.You do not need to wash the mop pad after every dusting, just wash as needed.


  • To use the Enviro-mop wet for mopping, cleaning & even polishing your floors.
  • Pull off the detachable Enviro-mop pad from the swivel head.
  • Thoroughly wet the mop pad with water under the tap. Wring out excess water. Re-attach the mop pad to the swivel head. Adjust the telescopic handle to a position comfortable to you so you dont have to do any bending or stooping. To adjust the handle, hold the outer section of the handle, turn to the left to loosen and extend to the desired length. Hold the lower section firmly & turn the outer section to the right to tighten. Proceed to mop & clean your entire floors.
  • Use the Enviro-mop wet to remove scuff marks, ground in dirt, mud, sticky messes, spills & stains. The Enviro-mop can also be used to clean ceilings, walls, air vents, high windows, ceiling fans etc.


  • The dirtier the floor, the wetter the mop.
  • Wash the pads in the washing machine using cold/warm wash, no fabric softener or bleach.

Grey: General purpose use wet hot water for uneven surfaces, dirty non-high gloss finishes, vinyl and timber floors.

White: Fine use damp or dry on high gloss finishes, vinyl & timber floors, walls and ceilings.