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  • $20.64

    Australian made & owned.Orange honey & vanilla hand wash removes hard to shift soil without using harsh solvents.Effective for food odour removal and safe for sensitive skin.Available Pack Sizes:*** 500ml pump dispenser bottle*** 5 Litre bottle

  • $26.80

    Australian made & owned.Vegetable based & orange by-products.Super concentrated liquid that removes grease & grime without strong chemicals.Super biodegradability. Breaks down in 2.5 to 5 days into harmless elements that do not upset septic or Bio Waste systems.Available Pack Sizes:*** 1 Litre bottle*** 5 Litre bottle*** Optional 500ml trigger...

  • $29.50

    Australian made & owned.This all natural air freshener odour neutraliser with orange oils and vanilla neutralises bad odours.It is water based with a fresh natural orange and vanilla aroma.It can be used on carpet or sprayed in the air.Pack Size:*** 500ml bottle, including spray attachment.NOTE: 5 Litre container also available - please contact us for...

  • $30.13

    Australian made & owned.Water soluble solvent. Used for removing grease ink tar adhesive and chewing gum from carpets or as a pre-wash in the laundry. It can also be used to remove graffiti from hard surfaces.If used as a spotter it must be thoroughly rinsed.Please read the safety instructions on the bottle carefully before use.Available Pack...

  • $29.44

    Australian made & owned.Fiercely effective on mould and scum.Available Pack Sizes:*** 1 Litre bottle (concentrate)*** 5 Litre bottle (concentrate)*** Optional 500ml trigger dispenser bottle (comes empty)

  • $28.23

    Australian made & owned.A totally organic thickened liquid cleaner for bathrooms & toilets.Non-toxic yet removes heavy deposits of scale & body fat in showers & toilet rust stains.Super biodegradability. Breaks down in 2.5 to 5 days into harmless elements.Available Pack Sizes:*** 1 Litre bottle*** 5 Litre bottle*** Optional 500ml snap-top...

  • $94.53

    Australian made & owned.Non-petroleum based detergent & orange based solvent that are highly biodegradable.All fibre safe.Naturally deodorises as it cleans.Available Pack Sizes:*** 5 Litre bottle*** Optional 500ml trigger dispenser bottle (comes empty).

  • $22.99

    Chemical free cleaning.Streak free cleaning & polishing, use wet or dry.Grade:'General Purpose' - for all general purpose cleaningAlso available in: 'Fine'- for glassware, mirrors, windows, drying the car etc. - listed separately.Buy a 3-pack and save: Pack of 3 cloths for $39.95. $19.99Combination packs also available: your choice of General Purpose...

  • $25.00

    Kit includes: 2 x djustable telescopic handle with fully rotating mop base & a set of 3 reusable mop pads.The mop pads are:* 'Grey' for general purpose* 'White' for damp or dry use on timber or high gloss floors.The pads securely attach to the mop base with velcro.Replacement mop pads & handle/heads are also available.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items