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Biofilm Cling Wrap - Household Size (Small)


Biofilm Cling Wrap - Household Size (Small)

290mm Wide and 20 Metres Long.
Fully biodegradable, compostable & breathable Biofilm Cling Wrap is environmentally friendly and is excellent at maintaining the freshness of a wide range of food products.

At a glance:
- Plasticiser & toxin free
- Made from GMO free crops
- Easy to use - just 'pinch and tear'
- Ideal for conserving food
- Microwave safe
- Certified compostable
- Made in Portugal

This is the first fully compostable bioplastic cling film on the market.
It's based on renewable, sustainable resources of agricultural origin.
Virtuous circle: raw materials from agricultural origin return to soil through composting and biodegration without releasing pollutants.
Excellent adhesion to containers and itself.
Biobag cling film can be used for all kinds of foods including those with high fat or acid content which conventional film often doesn't handle well. It's also an excellent barrier against micro-organisms and by restricting the flow of oxygen it prevents rapid deterioration of the food.
Excellent odour barrier, preventing taste contamination with other foods. High water vapor transmission rate means that many types of foods stay fresher for longer.

This breakthrough product revolutionises food storage. Performance is excellent.

The material degrades in sunlight, moisture and is consumed by microorganisms found in soil. No dioxins are released if incinerated.

Micropores and Breathing Effect:
Biofilm Cling wrap has cell-like micropores. The product is water resistant, but its micropores permit gasses, such as Hydrogen and Oxygen, to pass through.

Certified to European compostability standards (EN-13432). more »
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