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Want to know the right way to use Enviro-Cloths in your situation? Then let our "How to..." pages show you the way ... just click on one of the tabs below ...
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Enviro-Cloth lets you clean efficiently without chemicals - protecting you and your family from harmful bacteria and allergies.

Enviro-Cloths are made from the latest micro-fibre material, 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide, which lift & stores dust, dirt and grease with no scratching.

When wet the wedge shaped fibres work by capillary action, greedily sucking the dirt into the cloth. When dry, static electricity sucks the dirt into the cloth.

To release the dirt you simply rinse in water.

How to use:

Before using your Enviro-Cloth for the first time rinse it well in hot water. Wring it out as dry as you can.

The Enviro-Cloth can be used dry for dusting. When it becomes full of dirt simply rinse it in hot water.

Enviro-Cloths can be used damp to tackle grimy and greasy jobs. Simply rinse in hot water and wring as dry as possible. Whilst cleaning, occasionally rinse in hot water and wring out.

When cleaning glass and polished surfaces simply wipe over ... let the surface dry on its own ... it will be dry , clean and smear free!!

When the Enviro-Cloth looks too grimy simply wash either by hand or in a washing machine. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.


For use on:

  • Glass - leaves no streaks or chemical residues
  • Silverware and crystal - brings back the lustre
  • Stainless steel - fingerprints no problem
  • Shower screens - remove soap scum without tears
  • Tiles and porcelain - regain that smooth clean surface
  • Carpets - spills and slops gone
  • Pets - cleans their coats as well as any mishaps
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