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Shop Basics Sponsors Corinbank Festival 2010
Corinbank, Canberra ’s trailblazing arts and music festival, is on again from 26-28 February 2010 at the beautiful Corin Forest Recreation Facility... more »
"No waste" take-away packaging
ABC radio, Canberra, features Earthbasics' packaging for take-away
more »
Fantastic alternative to plastic bags
Based on cornstarch polymers they are completely biodegradable... more »
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Shop Basics Sponsors Corinbank Festival 2010

Corinbank, Canberra ’s trailblazing arts and music festival, is on again from 26-28 February 2010 at the beautiful Corin Forest Recreation Facility.


In 2010, Corinbank will once more offer an incredibly diverse array of performance, art and music, headlined by You Am I, Ash Grunwald, Clare Bowditch, and Urthboy.  Attendees will be able to “immerse” themselves in a wide range of activities, which in previous years have included everything from yoga to mountain biking.


But Corinbank is very different to most other festivals. Sustainability is taken very seriously, and green practices have been central to Corinbank since its inception in 2008. Corinbank was the first Australian festival to be powered by 100 per cent biodiesel (a renewable energy source) and employs numerous strategies, such as grey water processing, composting toilets and use of biodegradable crockery and cutlery (supplied by Earth Basics for the 2010 festival), in its aim to become a ’zero waste‘ festival. A tree is planted for every ticket sold and Corinbank also offers voluntary carbon offsets for travel to the festival site.


Leading by example is only part of Corinbank's goal. Corinbank not only practices sustainability, but gives festival-goers of all ages the chance to learn more about the environment, through workshops and hands-on activities, which are the showcase of the Green Kulture Village .


Innovations in 2010 include a slow food banquet; and a commitment to have 30% of all vendor produce sourced locally.


For more information about the Corinbank 2010 program, or to buy a ticket, visit


"No waste" take-away packaging

ABC radio, Canberra, features EarthBasics "no waste" sustainable packaging and party packs...

April 3rd, 2007. Maryke Booth from ShopBasics and EarthBasics was interviewed on ABC radio about the advantages of "no waste" environmentally friendly packaging for take-away and party foods.

Maryke, who has been working with event managers, such as the National Folk Festival organisers, on sustainable packaging for take-away foods showed a range of plates made from potatoes as well as cutlery and biodegradable bages made from cornstarch.

Maryke said "Although more expensive than conventional styrofoam alternatives, you are able to recycle all the used cutlery, food scraps and packaging through your worm bin".

You can read more of the interview on the ABC website or for more information about sustainable and recyclable packaging visit our product pages or email EarthBasics.

Fantastic alternative to plastic bags


A fantastic new product that will provide a viable alternative to the use of plastic bags has been launched into the Australian marketplace.

Earth Basics, a Canberra-based company, is the first Australian supplier of Enviro-bag. Enviro-bag is a cornstarch based bag that is completely biodegradable. It is available in a range of sizes suitable for shopping and boutique bags, garbage bags, compost bags, conference bags, lunch bags and even doggy-poo bags!

The cornstarch polymer used in Enviro-bag breaks down completely in as little as ten days when placed into compost or other microbe-rich environments. In water the bags dissolve, thus removing the danger of entanglement or ingestation of plastic to fish, birds and marine mammals.

Earth Basics is the brainchild of Maryke Booth, proprietor of Shop Basics. Shop Basics provides a range of services and products for retail, wholesale and manufacturing display requirements. Maryke has a strong commitment to environmental responsibilities and has successfully implemented environmentally friendly practices to her business.

After completing the Ecobusiness Workshop Program, a program conducted in partnership through the ACT & Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Environment ACT and ACT NOWaste, Maryke saw an opportunity to extend the implementation of efficient practices by expanding Shop Basics to sell a range of environmentally friendly products.

Earth Basics was created. In addition to Enviro-bags, Earth Basics provides:

• Enviro-cloth – microfibre cleaning cloth for chemical free cleaning
• Enviro-mop – microfibre mop for wet and dry chemical free applications
• A range of biodegradable disposable cups, plates, knives and forks
• Canon 100% recycled paper
• ‘Wheely Worm Composta’ units
• Recycled paper pens and plantation timber pencils
• Calico and paper carry bags
• A range of biodegradable nappies, training pants and little swimmers.

Earth Basics is the winner of Eco-Efficiency Awards in recognition of savings made in the areas of energy and waste management.

The introduction of Enviro-Bag is one more action by Maryke and her Earth Basics team to ensure responsible and sustainable environmental practices in retail, professional and domestic areas.

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